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Frequently Asked Questions


We'd love to answer any questions you have by phone or email. Listed below are some of the most frequent questions we get.

 01  How long is the Leadership Challenge Workshop?

We can provide one, two, or three day workshops depending upon your objectives and constraints. The three day format is the most popular and allows time for participants to begin to apply the practices right in the session. We will be happy to send sample agendas for each offering. 



 02  What is the Leadership Practices Inventory®️?

The LPI is the 360º assessment used in the Leadership Challenge and as a stand alone coaching tool. It measures how frequent a leader uses 30 behaviors tied to the 5 practices of exemplary leadership. In the workshop, it allows the participant a chance to see how he/she is perceived in the real world...theirs! Reliability and validity has been long established and there are hundreds of dissertations affirming its value in a wide range of settings. We are happy to send you a sample reports. Learn more here: 



 03  Can we customize the Leadership Challenge Workshop?

Of course. We have over 30 years of using this workshop in every imagineable type of organization. We design your workshop to build on your existing development efforts and be reflective of your leadership culture. We can help align the lessons to reinforce your competencies and philosophy. We facilitate, we don't teach dogma. Let's talk. 



 04  Can you lead international programs?

We have provided workshops and consulting across the globe. The research for the Leadership Challenge is conducted world wide and is contnuously updated. We'd be happy to share examples of successful implementation in Europe, Asia, South America, and North America. We can also train your remote team members to lead the course. Many have chosen that option to reduce travel expenses and to have onboard expertise for coaching. We have many associates that can deliver the workshop in the language of the participants.

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